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Party Light Installation

Written By: Alan - Jan• 23•12

I am so glad a fellow posted a comment on MRH about Party Lights. What a wonderfully easy way to add a whole bunch of lamp sockets in a hurry. The upper valance has 96 lamp sockets neatly installed and ready for CFL bulbs. It was a piece of cake!

The sockets are on 24″ centers which fit nicely with my light panels which are also on 24″ centers. The sockets were attached with a pair of 1-5/8″ drywall screws through the molded-on mounting ears on each socket. A nylon cable clamp supports the cord between sockets. As best as I could manage the sockets are centered in each light panel along the valance. Every light panel has a lamp. In the areas over 2′ in depth (Lapeer, Kitzmiller, and Brittain roundhouse) the Party Lights also run along the backdrop. This should make the lighting more uniform in the deep bench work areas.

Next, I have to cut to size all of the light panels. The panels themselves are quite expensive – $8.97 ea. I need bunches of them. Even more vexing than the cost is figuring out a means of accurately determining the shape and dimensions of each panel based on the grid already installed. I haven’t quite figured out a solution to this problem but I am working on it. Fortunately time is on my side. I need to spread out the cost of the panels over a long period of time so I can ponder the solution for a while.

Between panel cutting I can also start the grid work for the ceiling over the aisles and the rest of the room. I have a sufficient quantity of wall angle on-hand to get a good start. Two years into train layout building and I still haven’t made it off the ceiling!




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