A Railroad with Relevance

Control Panels – Part XI

Written By: Alan - Jun• 15•17

What I started over seven months ago is finally finished. Sixteen control panels built, tested, and ready for installation. While there certainly were trials and tribulations along the way, it was by and large an enjoyable adventure.

Speaking of along the way, check out the pile of wire trimmings that were generated. I’ll keep these for future work so not as much wire waste as it appears.

The poor workbench didn’t get tidied up the whole time. It stayed in control panel build mode.

I saved the most interesting build for last – the Brittain Service panel.

I knew it would be crowded on the backside but I didn’t realize it would be this crowded. It definitely made for some interesting body contortions trying to get the soldering iron where it was needed without touching any wires on the way.

The roundtable position LEDs and track power LEDs all needed to be tied to a single respective pin on the connector board. Point-to-point wiring would have been exceptionally difficult in such a cramped space. The LEDs are very densely packed on the board. Here is my interconnect solution (before the leads were trimmed to length).

Next up, finish the fascia and get theses babies mounted. Until next time!