A Railroad with Relevance

Upper Benchwork – Part I

Written By: Alan - Dec• 21•12

The first three sections of benchwork are built and mounted on the walls. The framing angle method of construction is working well. Glad I choose this method. Already needed to adjust the position of a cross member to better align with a wall stud. It was super easy just as planned. The wall brackets are working out good too. Plenty strong enough for the application although I am not liking the factory gray color. Going to paint them sky blue. The benchwork is solid enough I can remove every other bracket for painting. Speaking of brackets, I chopped off a little bit of the wall leg from the 24″ brackets under the corner benchwork. They originally had 18″ wall legs. Now, they have 12″ wall legs same as the 18″ brackets.

More progress to come!


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