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AC&Y Railroad Historical Society

Written By: Alan - May• 04•10

I am now an official member of the Akron Canton & Youngstown Railroad Historical Society!

Not only will it be cool to chat with other people that share an interest in the railroad, their knowledge of the AC&Y will be invaluable when modeling Brittain Yard. I recently visited the site with camera in hand while on a business trip. My oh my, much has changed in 40 years. Gone are most of the structures I remember. Even the right-of-way to the Barberton Belt Line has been removed. With so much changed I see that I will be very dependent on the Society members’ historical knowledge if I am to accurately model Brittain Yard. My memories of how it used to be can take me only so far!

You can go here to visit the AC&Y Historical Society web site.


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  1. Welcome Alan! Thanks for joining the AC&YHS, and for the PR on your Blog. We look forward to progress on your layout.