A Railroad with Relevance

I’m back!

Written By: Alan - Dec• 14•17

Wow, that was a really long spell of no trains. I last worked on the layout back in June. Six months without entering the train room! No man should be deprived of trains that long. šŸ™

At least I have a somewhat decent excuse. This summer and early fall was devoted to an outside project – new horse fences. I drove a couple hundred 4×6 posts, tore off a ton of old fence rails and wire, and put up even more new. I didn’t get the replacement rails portion of the project finished. Ran out of weather at about 2/3 way round. Next spring I’ll get back after it. Here’s a pic showing about 1/3 of the front pasture and where I called it quits on the rails for the year. Even though the weather was really nice at that time, I was doubtful I could get another full lift of lumber, 768 bd ft, put up before snow. Last thing I wanted was to plow snow around half a lift of lumber sitting in the barn drive.

The old fence rails were plain pine and had been in place since 2005. Most were at least somewhat rotten with others totally rotted out. The tearoffs made three EZ Dumper loads for my buddy to use in his wood burner. They were replaced with GC treated lumber attached with stainless steel screws. Even replaced the standoff with stainless wire. Hoping this new fence never needs replacing.

The saga continues… since stopping work on the fence I have moved indoors to another project that needed completion – my workshop. Long time readers will remember posts from years ago about me roughing in a workshop in the basement. Now, I am finishing what I started back then. Building a wood storage rack, a cutoffs bin, shelving, adding a vacuum system, and much more. Once the workshop is tight and right then it will be time for trains once again. Hooray!

Thank you to everyone who commented or sent me a note inquiring why I was absent from the train room. It is touching to know people care. Worry not, I am fine. Just been otherwise engaged.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.